Author Guidelines

The manuscript considered for publication  must be:

  1. Original, new and unpublished
  2. Prepared in Microsoft Word using English Language
  3. measured on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) one (1)  inch margin
  4. typewritten using single space
  5. 12pt font size and Times New Roman font type
  6. numbered consecutively on the upper right hand corner of the page
  7. using the hereunder style and format or APA (American Psychological Association) for  Social Sciences and other related fields:

Author/s and  Institutional Address including telephone numbers and  email
Abstract (of not more than 300 words and maximum of 5 Key words)
Methodology or Materials and Methods
Results and Discussion
Summary, Conclusion/s and Recommendation/s
References (preferably  taken from published journals ( print or online) and scholarly books)
Sample referencing:
Burton, R. (1832). The anatomy of melancholy. Retrieved from
Voogt, J. (2010). A blended in-service arrangement for        supporting science
teachers in technology integration.   Journal of Technology and Teacher
                  Education, 18(1), 83-109.  Retrieved from

  1. Properly and formally cited (all ideas and words of others  should be properly and formally acknowledged  to avoid issues of plagiarism).

Further preparation of  the  manuscript:

  1. Leave one space before and after the major headings as well as one space before and after the sub-headings.
  2. Spell out acronyms or unfamiliar abbreviations when these are mentioned for the first time in the text.
  3. Write the scientific names of species completely with author (s) when it is first mentioned in the text and without author in succeeding references. Scientific names should be written in italics.
  4. Do not spell out numbers unless they are used to start a sentence.
  5. Use the metric system only or the International System of Units. Use abbreviations of units only beside numerals (e.g. 9 m); otherwise spell out the unit (e.g. kilometer from here). Do not use plural forms or periods for abbreviations of units. Use the bar for compound units (e.g. 1 kg.ha/yr). Place a zero before the decimal in numbers less than one (e.g. 0.25).
  6. Titles of Tables and Captions of Figures should be as short as possible and understandable without referring to the text. Figures should consist only of simple line drawings, computer-generated graphics or good quality black and white photographs. Label of Figures and plates should be written below the image and should be as such a size so these are still legible.

Submission of manuscript should be made as following.

  1. The manuscript in Microsoft Word file should (preferably underwent plagiarism test) be e-mailed initially to the
  2. The title of the mail should be “New submission-fullname of correspondence”
  3. Check for errors before submission.